THE FHDW HANNOVER: TOP IN RANKINGS If the biggest and most comprehensive rankings all agree that the FHDW is one of the best universities in Germany then there must be some truth in it.

RATING "VERY GOOD"* Whether it be the rankings of the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE)(Centre for University Development), of the online magazine or the current FAZ Study Guide 2008/2009: All of them put the FHDW Hannover near the top and gave best marks for the studying situation, range of studies offered, care and guidance and for the interrelationship of theory and practice.

* Ranking verdict of the FAZ Study Guide 2008/2009 on the Business Studies course at the FHDW Hannover in the sections studying situation, guidance and relationship to practice.


Five good reasons to study here

PRACTICALLY ORIENTED STUDYING The students can combine theory and practice at over 200 of the FHDW Hannover’s partner companies and thus make a sure start in their career.

DEVELOP PERSONALITY The students can add social and communicative competence to their academic skills.

STUDY FAST Thanks to good organisation and individual support studies for a bachelor degree only take three years and master’s courses two.

ALMOST LIKE A FAMILY Life at the FHDW Hannover is characterised by the close contacts between teachers, students and former students.

BEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE FUTURE Studying at the FHDW Hannover makes it possible to enter directly into a job, ensures an above average salary and – according to a survey of former students carried out by the FAZ – speeds up your career.


Further information

Top marks everywhere: The FHDW regularly does outstandingly well in nationwide university rankings. Here you can read why the FHDW Hannover belongs at the top: